our 6 step installation process

our experienced technicians are perfectionist down to the very last detail

  1. Diamond Floor Grind

Arguably the most important step in the process. Grinding is the only way to create good adhesion between the epoxy and the concrete. Our state-of-the-art diamond floor grinders open up the pores of your concrete, allowing the epoxy to soak down into the concrete.

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  1. Repair

Once the floor has been ground, all cracks, abrasions, and scaling are repaired. At this point, all saw cuts are filled in if the customer chooses to do so. Nothing else happens until the floor is 100% smooth, flush, and seamless.

  1. Primer Coat

Once the floor is thoroughly vacuumed, a thin layer of epoxy is applied as a primer coat. The primer coat can actually be seen soaking down into the concrete. This is what creates optimal adhesion between the epoxy coat and the concrete surface.

  1. Epoxy Coat

After allowing the primer coat to soak down into the concrete for about 15 minutes, a thick layer of epoxy is applied. Our  100% solids epoxy is both thicker and harder than any polyurea coating. This creates ultimate long-lasting durability.

Residential Epoxy Floor in Kansas City.
  1. Flake

As the epoxy coat is being rolled out, flakes are broadcast into the epoxy. Our full broadcast flake system is not only visually appealing, but it adds yet another layer of thickness to the floor, and gives it texture, creating a non-slip surface.

Garage Floor Coating in Kansas City.
  1. Polyaspartic Clear Coat

Once the epoxy cures, our industrial-grade top coat is applied.  Our polyaspartic top coat is rated for airline hangers and can withstand tens of thousands of pounds without damaging the floor beneath it. The top coat also gives the floor its UV resistance and abrasion resistance.

Concrete Floor Coating Installation for garages and basements in Kansas City.
Chip Power Leawood KS

"From start to finish Colby and his team impressed me with their professionalism and attention to detail. My new epoxy floor turned my garage from a grimy work area to a high-end-looking man cave for my friends and family. I even installed a water spigot in my garage so I can keep my floor looking shiny and clean all year round."

Epoxy floors coatings installation in Kansas City.
Ella Palmer Stilwell KS

"Hands down the best epoxy garage floor company in the Kansas City area! Can't thank you enough for my new garage floor !!!"

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