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Our garage floor system is perfect for anyone looking for durability, quick clean-up, slip resistance, and added visual enhancement

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Close more deals with a professional looking and inviting office space. Epoxy office floors are customizable, durable, and best of all, easy to clean

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Durable, clean, and safe warehouse floors that are easy to clean. Our industrial floor coatings are durable and can withstand weight from heavy machinery

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With unlimited color options, the only limitation is your imagination. From start to finish, your new garage floor will exceed your expectations. We guarantee it!

Our floor system is the most innovative, longest lasting floor finish on the market, with an impressive 15-year warranty to back it up. Our garage floors are perfect for anyone looking for durability, quick clean-up, slip resistance, and added visual enhancement.


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Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings


The main reason epoxy coatings are so popular in garages is their extreme durability. Epoxy coatings offer chemical resistance, high impact resistance, stain resistance, and UV resistance. They also protect your floors from future cracks occurring. So feel free to spill oil or drop heavy weights in your garage without any fear of damage.

Easy to Clean

Because epoxy floor coatings completely seal the underlying concrete, they are extremely easy to clean. Fire station bays remain one of the most common epoxy floor installs. At the end of the day, they're simply hosed off when cleaning is needed. Same goes for your garage floor.


We use a thick, multiple-layer epoxy system comprised of the most technically advanced materials available. Because of that, we stand behind our floors for 15 years with a warranty covering them from any flaking, peeling, staining, yellowing or hot tire pick up.

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We understand that every floor is different and every floor is used for different purposes. That is why we offer all our clients multiple options of floor coatings. Our sales team will work with you to determine your flooring needs and budget. You will then be given all the options of floors with the pros and cons of each as well as exact prices for each type of floor coating. From there, the choice is completely yours; you will have all the information and we will never pressure you into anything.

Concrete Floor Coating Installation
Chip Power Leawood KS

"From start to finish Colby and his team impressed me with their professionalism and attention to detail. My new epoxy floor turned my garage from a grimy work area to a high-end-looking man cave for my friends and family. I even installed a water spigot in my garage so I can keep my floor looking shiny and clean all year round."

Epoxy Flooring
Ella Palmer Stilwell KS

"Hands down the best epoxy garage floor company in the Kansas City area! Can't thank you enough for my new garage floor !!!"

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Dylan Wipperman Olathe KS

"The best concrete coating service in Kansas City"

Epoxy Floor Color
Woody Palmer Overland Park KS

"Excellent experience!!! Floor turned out great!!!"

    Garage Floor Coatings FAQs

    An epoxy garage floor offers numerous benefits to homeowners looking to give their space a durable, attractive makeover.

    Epoxy is an exceptionally strong material that is both chemical and stain-resistant and will last for years with proper maintenance. The coating is applied in multiple layers which help protect your floor against scratches, chips, and scuffs. Additionally, the glossy finish on the epoxy makes cleaning up spills or other messes easy — simply use a damp mop or cloth instead of having to scrub individual stains out of traditional garage surfaces like concrete.

    Not only does epoxy offer superior protection against wear-and-tear and dirt but it also comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed to match existing color schemes as well as designs such as flakes or other decorative elements for more aesthetically pleasing floors. Plus, unlike tiles or carpets, there are no grout lines for dirt or debris to become trapped in so you’ll never have that “dirty” look again!

    Finally one of the biggest advantages of an epoxy coating over traditional coatings like paint is its resistance to heat — it won’t fade from UV light exposure like some paints do nor will it blister under hot temperatures usually found in garages making it ideal if you plan on parking your car inside the space all year round. In summary there are many benefits associated with getting an epoxy garage floor – including improved durability, easier maintenance/cleaning processes plus endless design options all without compromising strength or longevity!

    Special thanks to Wise Coatings in Oregon for sharing the benefits to an epoxy floor!

    When it comes to durability, flake floors are an excellent option for your garage. Flake flooring is a type of epoxy coating that uses decorative flakes infused in the resin, creating a unique design with high resilience and wear resistance.

    One benefit of flake floors is their resistance to staining and chemical spills. These coatings create an effective barrier between the concrete floor surface and any dirt or debris that might fall on it, as well as any corrosive liquids. This makes it one of the most practical options available for garages since it can handle environmental changes and potential spills from harsh chemicals like antifreeze, oil, etc.

    In addition to being stain resistant, flake flooring also offers superior slip-resistance which makes them especially ideal for busy garages with frequent foot traffic from cars or people coming in and out. The colorful flakes also add visual interest to your space making them aesthetically pleasing compared to plain concrete surfaces.

    Overall, installing a flake floor in your garage is highly recommended due to its ability to resist staining while also providing enough traction against slippery spills or substances like grease or oil. With proper maintenance you’ll be able to enjoy this durable coating for many years!IMG 2183 1

    Yes, absolutely! Getting epoxy garage floors installed can be one of the best investments you make in improving your home. Not only does it add a stunning visual to your garage, but it also has many practical benefits.

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    Epoxy is incredibly durable, waterproof and resistant to normal wear and tear. It doesn’t require ongoing maintenance like other floor surfaces such as tile or wood flooring. Additionally, it provides superior protection against abrasion and chemicals found in garages such as oil spills or car fluids. This ensures that the floor won’t deteriorate over time and that you won’t have to worry about expensive repairs down the road.

    Another great advantage of epoxy garage floors is its anti-slip properties which means increased safety for anyone who uses the space regularly – particularly when liquids are present from vehicle maintenance activities or heavy rain/snowfall events. Epoxy also helps seal any cracks and gaps in your concrete foundation which will help protect against further water damage over time – something that all homeowners should consider!

    Thank you to Your 1 Day Floor for sharing this information with us!

    Epoxy floors are highly durable and can last a lifetime when looked after properly. Professionally installed epoxy floors typically last 15-20 years with standard maintenance, but with regular cleaning and resealing they can have an even longer lifespan of up to 30 years!

    The longevity of an epoxy floor largely depends on its application process and the quality of the materials used. If a professional installer is hired to apply the floor, then it will be done in accordance with best practices such as using high quality epoxies along with other premium products like primer coatings, sealers, and topcoats. This ensures that the installation adheres to industry standards for maximum durability which reduces problems down the road such as cracking or flaking. Additionally, professionals will be able to recommend specialized maintenance regimes tailored specifically for your type of flooring.

    Finding the best epoxy flooring company near me can be a challenge, but it is well worth the effort in order to ensure that you get quality workmanship and customer service. To start your search, begin by looking for local businesses that specialize in epoxy flooring. Ask for referrals from friends or family who have recently had their own epoxy floors installed or repaired. You can also check online reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google Reviews to see what other customers are saying about each company before making a decision.

    Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential companies based on reviews, it’s important to look into each one’s experience with epoxy flooring installation and repair. Make sure the business has been around long enough to acquire a sound portfolio so that they understand how to properly install your new system while using the best techniques available today. Likewise, ask whether they offer warranties or guarantees on their services because this is a sign of commitment to their customer’s satisfaction.

    Finally, take time out of your day for an in-person consultation with each company before making a final decision as this will give you firsthand insight into its level of professionalism and quality workmanship standards — both of which should be consistently high when dealing with something as important as installing your new epoxy flooring system correctly!

    Huge thanks to Wise Coatings Orlando for sharing this valuable information with us!

    Absolutely! Epoxy floor colors can be customized to a professional level. There are many coatings and paints specifically designed for epoxy floors that come in a variety of colors, from stark whites to vibrant pinks, blues and purples. The availability of these products allows for almost any color scheme desired.

    A particularly popular option is metallic epoxy flooring, which can create an incredibly dynamic visual effect with its reflective sparkles and glossy finish. You can also mix and match different color combinations to create unique designs that fit the aesthetic you’re going for. Whether you want a subtle single-color look or something more intricate with contrasting shades, it’s all possible when you customize your epoxy floor colors!

    Special thanks to Concrete Hero for sharing this information with us!

    The cost of installing an epoxy floor will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, as well as the materials used. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay between $4 and $9 per square foot for a professional installation. This cost can also include any surface preparation work prior to installation, such as grinding or repairing cracks in concrete. When hiring a professional installer, it is important to ask them about their experience with epoxy floors and make sure they are comfortable with working on your particular project. Make sure to inquire about current promotions or discounts that may be available when choosing an installer. On average, the total cost of a professionally installed epoxy floor can range anywhere from $1,200-$3,600 for a 200-400 sq ft area (this does not include any extra costs associated with surface preparation).

    Getting a professional, commercial epoxy floors can be an excellent decision for any business, as they offer several advantages. Epoxy floors provide superior durability, withstanding heavy foot traffic and objects being dragged across them. They also provide a sleek, clean look which adds to the aesthetic of any business environment.

    When it comes to maintenance, epoxy floors are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Just sweeping and mopping once in a while is enough to keep them in pristine condition for years. Plus, any spills can be quickly wiped away without staining or discoloration – perfect for busy businesses with lots of people coming and going!

    Another major benefit of an epoxy floor is that it helps improve air quality within the facility due to its anti-microbial surface. This means that not only does it help reduce bacteria growth on the floor itself but also helps reduce coughing, sneezing and asthma attacks within the area significantly!

    This information was provided by Solid Custom Floor Coatings! You can check them out here: https://solidgaragefloorcoatings.com/

    Yes, concrete epoxy floors are generally safe, but it does come with certain considerations. Depending on the type of epoxy you’re using and the condition of your concrete surface, there may be some potential issues to watch out for. Most importantly, you want to make sure that your cement has no cracks or other damage that could lead to bubbles, blisters or uneven surfaces in the finished product. If there are any structurally unsound areas in the cement foundation then a professional should be consulted before installing an epoxy coating.

    Additionally, if your concrete contains high levels of moisture then it is important to use a waterproofing primer prior to applying the epoxy coatings as this will help seal off moisture and create an effective protective barrier against further damage. It’s also important to note that not all types of epoxies are suitable for outdoor applications where they will be exposed directly to sunlight, so if you plan on having outdoor traffic over your floors it’s best practice to consult with a professional who can advise you accordingly.

    Prepping a garage floor for epoxy is an important step in ensuring you get the best results. The first thing to do is prepare and clean the surface by applying detergent, power washing or sandblasting to remove dirt, oil and other debris that might have accumulated over time. After the cleaning process has been completed, you will then need to repair any cracks or holes in the concrete and make sure that it is level before applying primer. Once all of these steps have been taken care of, you are ready for professional application of epoxy. It’s important to remember that this process should only be done by experienced professionals as it requires special equipment and knowledge about epoxy systems so that they can ensure optimal results. By making sure your garage floor is properly prepared with sound methods like those listed above, you can be sure that your epoxy project will turn out just right!

    Big thanks to Concrete Coatings All Year for sharing this information with us!

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