terms & conditions

1. Contractor must have access to electricity INCLUDING at least ONE (1) 220 amp circuits (dryer/stove outlet) and two (2) 110 outlets. If a 220 outlet is not available, contractor must have access to TWO (2) additional NON-GFI 110 OUTLETS and TWO (2) additional 110 outlets. Purchaser understands contractor will most likely access the interior areas of the jobsite, failure to comply with this term will result in the project being cancelled in its entirety or rescheduled and additional fees will be charged.
2. Contractor MUST be allowed to park Towing Unit and Equipment/Product Trailer in area that has closest access to job area which is most often the driveway at the jobsite. If contactor is NOT allowed to park in this area Purchaser waives all claims of property damage liability including but not limited to damage caused by equipment or product used by Contractor.
3. Contractor will provide a firm bid of the total cost of the project before the job is started. This bid proposal will include all labor, materials, sub or specialty contractors and rental equipment if needed. This price is the full amount due and no discount will be applied. Purchaser understands and agrees to pay any and all bid payments on or before the date(s) due.
4. PURCHASER UNDERSTANDS that the epoxy floor is a coating; repairs made to damaged areas is only to ensure proper adhesion of the coating. The coating does not level nor does it create low spots for water to puddle or pool. Prior concrete issues such as uneven floors, waves, pitting, cracking, scaling, or other issues can change the appearance of the coating creating visual “high or low” spots or other issues or areas that were not previously visible. These issues are directly a result of the original installation or overall quality of the floor and cannot be fixed by the coating. If repairs are not charged for, only minimal repairs will be made and only to insure proper adhesion of coating. Significantly damaged floors, verticals, foundation edges, divots, and scaling will have a rough appearance and texture, this is unavoidable and not an issue covered under the warranty.
5. Areas that cannot be properly prepped including but not limited to stairs, vertical foundation walls, trim boards and so on are not warranted against failure.
6. PURCHASER UNDERSTANDS that it is normal for the concrete to expand and contract as the ground beneath shifts. This could lead to cracks in both the concrete and the coating. These cracks are a direct result of the ground shifting and cannot be avoided or stopped by a coating.
7. PAYMENT. Upon acceptance of this proposal, a 25% deposit of the total bid amount will be required from the Purchaser. Purchaser agrees to pay the remaining balance of the agreement in full on the day of substantial completion as determined by the contractor’s job superintendent. If extra travel is necessary to collect the final payment, that time may also be added to the total amount due. It is expressly understood that any warranty work will be done from a mutually created punch list and completed after final payment of the agreement amount. If minor repairs or touch-ups are necessary they will be scheduled after balance is paid in full and weather permitting. No warranty will be valid until the job is paid in full; if payment is not received within 45 days of completion No Warranty will be issued.
8. DEFAULT. In the event the contractor is not paid on the day of substantial completion of the job for any reason, in accordance with the
statues of this state, a LIEN may be filed against the property within five (5) business days. This will include payment defaults due to NSF checks or overdraws. Purchaser is responsible for all fees (including but not limited to interest, legal, or filing fees) and additional expenses incurred by Contractor for collection of any payments owed to Contractor.
9. ADDITIONAL WORK. Purchaser will pay to the contractor for any additional work not included in this proposal from a mutually agreed upon Change Order.
10. Purchaser is responsible to remove any and all items in and around the working area(s) and keep the area free of people, pets and personal or household items that could interfere with the contractor’s crew or the integrity of the area, be it visual or otherwise damaging, for the entire duration of the project. Non-Compliance with this item will result in additional fees.
11. Contractor will take reasonable care in preventing the epoxy coating from getting on any surface not intended to receive epoxy coating. In no event will contractor be liable for any damages beyond the reasonable cost to return the surface to as close to near original condition as possible. Contractor is not responsible for minimal damage of any property.
12. This contract proposal can be withdrawn if not accepted within 30 days from the date on the reverse.
13. In the event the purchaser should breach, rescind, or cancel this contract, the deposit herein shall be forfeited to the contractor as
liquidated damages for breach of contract and as special damages for losses incurred by the contractor. If such breach or recession
occurs after shipment of any materials ordered by the contractor for this specific job, it being expressly agreed by both the contractor and the purchaser it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to determine the actual damages suffered by the contractor. Therefore both agree that Fifty Percent (50%) of the entire contract would be a reasonable amount equated to the probable damage suffered by the contractor.
14. Purchaser is aware that there is a three (3) day right to rescind period for any reason; unless the contract is accepted within five (5) business days of the date the job is scheduled for. The purchaser can rescind this contract and be fully reimbursed for all payments made to contractor unless the contract specifies a customized or otherwise altered color or product from the contractor’s standard stock selection. Verbal notification must be given to Colby Coda at 913-200-5388.
15. Colors may vary slightly from samples due to dye lots, chip lots, and overall quality of floor. Density of flake pattern may vary.
16. The parties understand and agree that the contractor shall not be liable for delays caused by circumstances beyond their control. The parties
hereto understand and agree that this contract contains the entire understanding and agreement between them, and that no promises, representations, agreements, warranties or understanding have been made or arrived unless specifically set forth herein, and this contract
may not be amended except in writing. Contractor warranties epoxy coating materials for a period of 15 years, workmanship is warranted for a period of 15 years, Cracks and Repairs carry a 1 year warranty from date of installation.
Floor Coating System : Surface is not to be walked on for a minimum of 4 hours, no heavy objects for 12 hours and no vehicle traffic for 24 hours after completion. Unless otherwise specified in writing by contractor.
17. CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING FEE: Purchaser agrees to waive any rights to refund of deposit in the event owner chooses to cancel the project if owner does not give Contractor 10 (ten) business days notice. Purchaser also agrees to pay $300 Rescheduling Fee if owner fails to notify contractor of the need to reschedule project 5 (five) business days prior to the original scheduled start date.
18. Sudden and/or unexpected events (including but not limited to weather) may require rescheduling; Purchaser understands should he/she request the rescheduling; fees may be applied and the project will be rescheduled at Contractors convenience.
19. The metallic colors are to serve as a guide only. Variations may occur due to a wide range of variables. Purchaser understands that no two metallic floors are alike and patters may vary in look and style.

Improve your home with a new garage floor coating in Kansas City.
Todd B. Greenwood, MO

We are over the moon. Why did we wait to have this done?! Colby was extremely responsive and professional and the team was in and out in less than a day. If you are considering to have this done and using Gateway.. don’t hesitate.

Upgrade your home value with garage floor coatings.
Steve F. Overland Park, KS

In short one of the very best home service jobs we have experienced. Colby and his team were responsive, on time and deliberate in providing a first class epoxy garage floors. They are the best and we highly recommend them for this specific work.

Gateway Garage Floors is a local epoxy flooring contractor near you in Kansas City.
Troy Hunter Liberty, MO

I am extremely impressed with the professional job that Colby and his team did on our garage! Colby is one of the best and most responsive business owners I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He was very prompt in answering any questions or concerns that I had and had an excellent understanding of what the customer needs and wants! I 100% recommend Gateway Garage Floors to take care of you floor - great experience!!!!

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Jeff L. Overland Park, KS

Wow!! From the initial meeting with Colby, until the team left our driveway. The experience was beyond outstanding!! Professional, punctual, thorough, and the list could go on and on. Colby was fully engaged and present throughout the process. Although, his team… these guys were amazing! Super polite and laser focused on what they were doing. Thank all of you guys so much!!

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Connie W. Independence, MO

Colby and his team were top notch! They did an excellent job with preparation for and application of our new epoxy garage flooring. They were timely, courteous, professional, and left no trace! HIGHLY recommend this team for all of your epoxy needs!